Waterproofing Methods

Benefits of Doing Water Proofing, what can good water proofing prevent

What Are The Common Waterproofing Methods That You Can Find?

1. Cementitious waterproofing

Often used on the interior of homes such as bathrooms, toilets and around the kitchen sink. A cementitious waterproofing coat is the easiest waterproofing material to use. Its uses acrylic additives mixed together with cement to provide a solid and durable waterproof coating.

2. Membrane waterproofing

Liquid membrane is a thin coating which is also more flexible than cementitious types of waterproofing. The durability of the membrane waterproofing coating also depends on what type of polymer used by the manufacturer for the making the coating.

3. Bituminuos waterproofing coating

A bituminous coating is made of bitumen based materials and is not suitable for direct exposure to sunlight. It becomes very brittle and fragile when exposed to the sunlight extensively unless it is modified with polymers such as polyurethane or acrylics. The flexibility of the finished coating always depends on the amount and type of polymer added to the bitumen.

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