To keep your home safe, you should always waterproof your exterior walls. The environment and climate can do the most damage to your homes if left unchecked.

Every aspect of your structure from the roof down to the floors needs to be protected from the natural elements, especially moisture and water. It’s our job to inform you on the basics of waterproofing exterior walls of your homes so that you can make it safe for yourself and your family!

Concrete Waterproofing Johor

1 Check Walls for Defects

You should waterproof outer walls that are exposed to moisture or water because of rain. Inspect your walls for structural damages such as cracks or burst water pipes to make sure that the direct cause of the damp wall is external weather factors and not something else.

Once the issues are resolved, you can now apply waterproofing solutions without worry.

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Gutter Waterproofing Johor

2 Clean Your Roof Gutters

Clogged gutters cause water to flow over the edge of the gutter and down your walls when it rains. As well as that, clogged gutters also collect water that could be absorbed by the roof gradually.

This could potentially lead to problems such as rotten wood, leak, and molds. Prevention is better than cure; keep your gutters clean to avoid spending a bomb on repairs.

Waterproofing Material Johor Bahru

3 Select The Right Waterproofing Solution

The right solution goes a long way indirectly solving your leaking problems and removes the chances of the leak reoccurring due to improper choice of waterproofing solution.

Product types you should consider are; concrete waterproofing coating, silicate-based concrete sealer, waterproofing paint. [Contact Waterproofing agency in Johor]

4 Always Use Plaster Waterproofing Additives

Plastering can seal cracks in walls but they work better with waterproofing additives. Waterproofing additives can eliminate the infiltration of water through the plastered area and prevent reoccurrence of the cracks.

Walls Waterproofing Johor

5 Prepare Walls for Waterproofing

Always clean the walls properly before applying any waterproofing solution. Regardless of the waterproofing material’s quality, you should clean the surface to assure proper adhesion of the waterproofing material to prevent unnecessary reapplication.

If there are particles in between the wall and the waterproofing material, it may affect the longevity of the waterproofing solution.


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