In building a structure, waterproofing is one of the commonly neglected concerns because of either ignorance or budget limitations. Usually, waterproofing damage is considered as an inconvenience in Johor rather than a critical matter.

This not only applies to Johor but it also should be a matter for every house builder or owner across the world to take into consideration.

Here are 3 Reasons Why Waterproofing is important

1) Protects structure from water damage

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The interior of your home is exposed to a wide range of weather elements especially in the tropical climate of Malaysia. We have heavy rains and constant humidity all year round. Even sealing your home with steel or concrete layers would not work as good as a proper resin-based seal.

Waterproofing surfaces prevent the walls from creating seepage over time. It will prevent damages such as warping, bacterial growth and downright rotting if it comes to that.

2) Prevents health problems

You spend most of your life in buildings. It’s important to keep these places safe from airborne bacterial intruders. Mold growth is the main concern here in relation to waterproofing.

A surface permeable by moisture is also permeable by bacteria as well. In stopping the growth of mold your airspace will be free from these health hazards that could potentially cause long-term consequences in health.

3) A cost-saving move

Indirectly, waterproofing in itself is a move to protect your home. Damages from water leaking can be significantly more than what it costs to waterproof a structure in the first place. Whether it comes to flooring, walls or ceilings. Every aspect of your home should be sealed off from unwanted moisture. Would you rather apply to waterproof or wait 2 years for your ceiling to rot and have it redone? You know your answer.


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